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If you have any questions about Orthodoxy, our church, services or requests for prayers, please either contact the clergy directly or via email. You may expect a reply, if a reply is required, within a few days if not before. 

If you simply wish to know the dates and times of services, this will take you that information.

Our post code is NR22 6AB

For those wishing to discover more about the particular branch of Orthodoxy we follow, please visit where you can learn about courses, conferences, read bulletins from the Archbishop and the Bishop. Each year there is a Children's  Summer Camp and details can be found there. Information about our monasteries, parishes and clergy are also available.

We also have close links with The Institute For Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge, where further information on Orthodoxy can be found. 

Visitors looking for information about other destinations might wish to follow this link to Inspirock, here, in which we are featured: 

As stated elsewhere, we are under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. His office leads thousands, millions, of Orthodox Christians, and from his office stems a principal authority of Orthodoxy. Those wishing to know more about the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople will find all they need here. To read the latest essay from the Ecumenical Patriarch go here.

We also have links with The Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist. The Fellowship was founded in 1979, and works with the blessing of the pan-Orthodox Episcopal Assembly for the British Isles and Ireland. It enables English-speaking members of the many Orthodox Church Traditions in Britain and Ireland to come together and through prayer, discussion and mutual friendship, deepen their commitment to, and understanding of, the one Orthodox Christian faith. Membership is open to all Orthodox Christians.

There is an Orthodox chapel in Walsingham that is based in the old Railway Station, and events, its history and who runs it and why can be seen here; 

There is a large Anglican Shrine in Little Walsingham which also has an Orthodox chapel. To those who do not know, the Shrine is a building containing many smaller side chapels dedicated to the Roman tradition of Stations of the Cross. Up the stairs to the right of the main altar is an Orthodox presence. Services are often held, sometimes daily (Vespers for example). Information of which can be found here.

If, having visited our church, you wish ikons of your own, details of the local shops in the village of Walsingham are to be found here and here

If you wish to commission an ikon of your own, this is the link to a very skilled person who will write one for you. Another link you might wish to consider is this one, that will also be very useful. Having an ikon written that is personal to you because you have made it happen through another, is more than the sum of its parts. It's more than having another ikon on the wall. 

If you have visited our church as a visitor but are not local to Norfolk, but wish to know if there is an English speaking Orthodox church near you, there is a list here which will help. If you are not Orthodox and would like to find out more about Orthodoxy in a way that is user friendly to non-Orthodox, then here might be a place to start.

If you are planning your visit to Norfolk and wish to include Walsingham, there is an abundance of accommodation available.  If you haven't planned where to stay in Walsingham yet, here, might provide some answers.

Disclaimer:  This website is still 'work in progress'.  The author of much of the text here has written it in good faith, but I am not a theologian neither an historian.  Sources used for content have been drawn from what I perceive to be authoritative, but the editor of this content has yet to give final approval. Visitors to this site who disagree with every Yod and Iota need take issue with me, not the Parish nor the Exarchate.  In time this site will be fully edited and any errors or mistakes will be corrected.

In making this site I freely acknowledge the help from a variety of sources. Our Priest Fr Christopher principally, Orthodox Catholic and Jewish encyclopedic sources have been used, and for help in correcting the historic Jewish facts I am grateful to Dr J. Fine whose insight has been invaluable. Other sources, too many to be named, have also been used as reference to which I extend my gratitude.