St George

St George

As far as possible, this gallery of saints and events is arranged chronologically. The reason why this is at the end, is that all the other people and events represented here actually lived and took place. St George, on the other hand, is probably fable. 

Tradition has it that he was aGreek who became an officer in the Roman army, George's father was Gerondios from Cappadoccia Asia Minor, and his mother was Polychronia from the city Lyda.  (Lyda was a Greek city from the times of the conquest of Alexander the Great in 333 BC, and is now in Israel.) George became an officer in the Roman army in the Guard of Diocletian in and around Nicomedia, in modern Turkey.  He is venerated as a Christian martyr, having allegedly been tortured and decapitated in the early 4C Christian purges.  In hagiography (the word Orthodoxy uses to describe the biography of saints) George is immortalised in the tale of St George and the dragon and his feast is celebrated on 23 April.

British & Irish saints

Saints of Gt. Britain & Ireland

Whilst the Orthodox Church is a global community, it is entirely right and fitting that the local component of each community is respected. To this end we have in our church an ikon of the Saints of Gt.Britain and Ireland.

There are too many to name individually, but this ikon serves to remind us how significant has been the contribution to Christianity of people of what we Orthodox Christians call "these northern isles."

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